Recording and preparing your music for digital release and CD Production


Album Production Workflow



Recording Sessions


We want to help you to make the very best music you can.  This may well mean that you don't want to be concerned with the technical process of recording, apart from of course making sure that you have engaged the right people to be concerned for you.


The role of the Producer

To run sessions and liaise with musicians/venues. To have an objective view of the musicality and correctness of the performance, and to make careful notes to facilitate efficient editing in later stages. The classical producer for Fish Need Snorkels projects is Steve Bingham, please visit his website


using the link below.


Production for singer/songwriters and bands is done by the proprieter, Mark Fawcett


The role of the Engineer

To perfectly capture the musical event with the minimum of intrusion and stress.


Recording Concerts

Some of the most wonderful recordings have been made at live performances and at Fish Need Snorkels we will do our very best to capture the energy of your event. We set up early in the day and like to record rehearsals... just in case they prove useful for patching later on! This also gives an opportunity to make allowances for any technical issues posed by the programme and venue.



It's fair to say that pretty much every recording released in recent years will have been extensively edited, and it's our job to do it so well that no one notices. If you have produced a wonderful performance of a particular section, but perhaps somewhere a distracting mistake or external noise has occurred, wouldn't it be such a shame to have to throw the whole lot away? We don't. We create the very best composite performance, but please note the stress is on performance; nothing is ever done at the expense of musicality. We love music too much. Editing is done on Merging Technologies state of the art digital audio workstation Pyramix, which includes Alogorithmix ReNovator spectral restoration (for magically removing extraneous noise).



Mastering is the process of preparing your music for CD production/digital release. Tracks are listened to in a carefully controlled environment with the very best audio reproduction equipment. At this stage the relative volume, dynamics and tonal quality of the tracks are assessed for consistency and realism with a view to being transferable to the many different sound systems your music will encounter.  Encoding information (including text) is added and the spacing of tracks carefully considered.


Artwork Design/Preparation

Everyone wants their release to be something special and the way it is presented absolutely influences the way it is received. We recommend and work with Natural Designs for beautiful artwork creation and imaginative packaging.  We are also able to offer in house artwork through sister company Hear Me



Of course if you already have your own designs we can formalise these into production ready formats, and liaise with you and the production facility to ensure your vision is realised.


Record Label

If you are not currently signed to a label, Fish Need Snorkels, in partnership with Hear Me, are also able to offer a full range of record label services. These include digital aggregation (iTunes, Spotify etc.), MCPS, PRS and PPL licencing, UPC barcoding, ISRC codes and e-commerce facilities, including pre-orders and merchandise via online shop.


CD Production

We use a number manufacturing facilities and can help you select one that will meet your needs and budget.


Contact: Mark Fawcett


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