Fish Need Snorkels are delighted to offer high resolution audio recordings up to DSD256.

Decca Tree for ensemble recordings


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Jennifer Bingham.

Technical Facilities




Neumann U87i (2), Schoeps CMC640 (2), Schoeps CMC 641 (1), Neumann KM184 (2), AKG 451B (2), AKG 414 B ULS (2),

Sennheiser 416 shotgun (2)


Fish Need Snorkels are delighted to offer the industry standard Decca Tree for ensemble recording. However, instead of using a centre omni-directional microphone we use the Schoeps CMC640s in a XY-coincident pair configuration for added definition of the sound stage and also post production flexibility. The spaced U87s in omni mode provide wonderful depth of field and low end resolution.


Of course there are a vast number of other microphone configurations that can be made, all dependant on your requirements.




Merging Technologies Pyramix, State of the art Masscore Digital Audio Work Stations.  Including VCube for video playback and Dirac3 time stretch.


Merging Technologies Hapi (2), Ravenna network audio units.  Premium i/o cards allowing 8 in/out up to DXD/DSD256 , Standard i/o card 8 in/out up to 192kHz, and MADI card to hook up with our DiGiCo SD9 or SD11 for an additional 64 in/out.


Sound Devices 702 Compact Flash high resolution audio recorder.

Sound Devices USBPre2

TL Audio PA1 stereo valve mic pre-amp.


Post-production plugins


The amazing Algorithmix ReNovator spectral restoration software for the removal of extraneous noises.


Sonnox Restore plugins: DeNoise, DeBuzz, DeClicker.

Altiverb 7 XL convolution reverb

Flux Full Pack 2.2, Flux Ircam Verb V3, Flux pure analyser Evo Channel.

FabFilter Creative bundle, Fabfilter Pro-R reverb, De-esser


Waves Audio Diamond software (includes their mastering suite), with many additional plugins such as the IR1 convolution reverb (with a library of acoustic samples made in the most famous venues around the world).




Rackmounted Merging technologies Masscore workstations.




Bespoke reference system designed by Kevin Scott of Definitive Audio.


Living Voice IBX-RW Speakers, Border Patrol SE300 B power amp with Border Patrol power supply, SJS Arcadia Model 2 Pre-amp, Living Voice DAC (DSD), CEC TL2N Belt drive CD transport.  All units have received the acclaimed Living Voice upgrade process which includes a Kondo silver signal path.  Kondo cabling throughout.


PSI A21M, active studio monitors.

Genelec 8030A active nearfield monitors for location.

Audeze LCD-XC closed backed reference headphones.

Beyerdynamic DT770M headphones.

Beyerdynamic DT100 headphones (6) and MTR HPA6 headphone amplifier/distributon (2)




Blackmagic Mini URSA 4K (1)

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K (2)

Sony A7 mkIII




Canon 2.8 L IS III 70-200mm

Canon 2.8 24-70mm

Sigma ART 1.4 24mm

Sigma ART 1.4 50mm





Contact: Mark Fawcett


Telephone: 07775 712404  |  email:

Schoeps CMC640 (2)

 "Merging Technologies Pyramix Masscore, Hapi i/o"

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